When Your World Is Upside-Down.

My vintage 1930s children's toy globe...by The Ohio Art Company. Apparently turned upside-down

by my youngest child at some point because, well, that's how he rolled. No doubt whilst envisioning

a day in the future when I'd finally look at it and realize something was vastly amiss. Thank you, Cole, for always keeping me on my toes. Even from the afterlife! xxoo

I haven't written anything in the past couple of months other than to-do lists, packing lists, observations on life –– and some whiny, pity-party-ish mental health salvaging journal entries.

The kind you need to burn or hit the delete button on before you die and your poor children are stuck reading them and discovering the true depth of your neurosis.

But now I'm settled in again, temporarily, at least, having moved a few weeks ago and having checked the endless boxes on all of those lists and tossed them into the the stylish trash bin next to my desk (both of which are now in a storage facility).

And I've been realizing that NOT writing and NOT communicating in a larger forum and to other humans is really depressing me.

And so, here I am again. At my beloved keyboard.

I've been contemplating starting a new podcast or series of videos called "Normal Bread"...about those of us who relish not having the "normal" lifestyle and thrive on change and variety in our lives. I've been revisiting books I've already (at least partially) penned and never published, illustrations and artwork with messages I've never printed or put "out there"...products and merchandise I've never pulled the trigger on, courses I've created in my head but never fleshed out (as a side note, "fleshed out" is a saying that always makes me cringe slightly as I have flashbacks of tan colored pantyhose from 1978!) and a voluminous assortment of projects and assorted "life guidance" content that has yet to make the journey from the drawing board (or my laptop) out into the world.

As we already know, the world at large has been upside-down for a while now. And for many of us, our personal lives are upside-down, as well. And I'd like to assert that it's absolutely not a bad thing.

Sure it's unnerving to find out the Antarctic isn't where you've always thought it should be. And it can feel unsafe when things in life are in chaos and nothing feels stable. But sometimes it's just what The Divine has prescribed to shake us up and most importantly WAKE us up. (Note: another podcast or blog or column I'd love to start is called, "Wake Up, Darling!"...I'm loving that one a lot.) If only I had twenty of me to run with all of these amazing ideas at once...what a fun world THAT would be!. ;)

When you're feeling like there is no rhyme or reason to anything and that your life as you knew it is

over...that's when your true strength and courage shine through. It's your chance to say screw it and

do the things you've possibly been putting off or too chicken sh*t to do for days, weeks, months or even decades.

So embrace the instability. Embrace the freedom. Embrace the opportunities that are held within this totally wobbly and chaotic period in our collective history.

It's clearly the time to give SO many f*cks about so many crucial issues...and yet also the time to give absolutely ZERO f*cks about cutting through the thicket to create our personal paths forward. We all came here at this time to be part of this craziness and to contribute something of significance. When the world is upside down, it's the perfect time to embarrass ourselves with our creativity, ideas, and amazingness, to take chances, perhaps screw up royally, cause people to judge us and dislike us or even toss tomatoes at us on stage. I mean, who cares. Worse things are going on out there. Tomato seed in your hair is nothing.

It's the time for personal courage. It's our chance to be our most brave, eloquent, creative, outspoken and fearless selves.

Wrap your arms around your upside-down world and rejoice, my friends!

It's your time to do a handstand and see what treasures falls from your pockets. :)

With Love from an undisclosed location in The Garden State (i.e. my homeland!) ~

Sandi xxoo

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