Gird Your Loins! (Ommmmm.)

Good Evening (or Good Morning) my courageous and lovely friends ~

I thought I'd send along a little last minute sustenance as we stand together on the

precipice of Election Day...which is also feeling not unlike the threshold of Hell.

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

...and Chevy Chase. If only we'd wake up to find out this has all been a movie!

(Note: apologies for the rather poor visual quality of this clip. I chose it for the brevity.

Sometimes we must compromise.)

In times of extraordinary stress and chaos, I've learned from my personal life

experience that the only thing we can rely on is our own inner strength and

self-generated sense of peace. Because no matter what happens to any of us

during our brief stint here on this earth...the ONLY thing we have absolute control

over is the state of our sovereign mind, heart and soul.

The world outside our door may be batsh*t crazy. People may be doing batsh*t

crazy things. But no matter how dire and out of control things appear (or are),

we still control our emotions, our reaction to events, and our level of stress and


We must gird our loins...prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally by taking

time out for moments of quiet, meditation, locking ourselves in a closet with a

pillow to scream into...whatever helps us get to our gooey center of inner peace.

Another all time favorite movie scene, from The Devil Wears Prada.

And Stanley a woman who sleeps with a thesaurus next to her bed,

you had me at "gird." Swoon!

No matter what happens, remember that in the history of our world, worse things

have transpired. And in people's personal lives, worse things than this have most

definitely happened. It's our state of mind and taking control of our reactivity that

matters. Focusing on the bigger picture.

This might sound simplistic –– but it's true. We still have power over ourselves.

The most intimidating or idiotic person (hmmmm...not thinking of anyone in

particular!) in the world may be coming up the elevator..but if we gird our loins

and take care of our own inner world, we can hold onto our personal sanity and

center and keep ourselves and our blood pressure from going through the roof.

Because if we all drop dead from a heart attack or stroke tomorrow or in the next few

days...we won't be able to keep making the world a brighter and better place!

I mean seriously, who will be left? :)

So breathe deeply and try not to get so caught up in the election day (or what will surely

be post-election-day) madness that you lose sight of your own power.

With courage, fortitude and all kinds of loving thoughts ~ see you on the other side!

We can do this. xo


ps - No matter how confident I am that we will get through this, no matter what,

you bet your organic yams that I'm sleeping with a pile of crystals under my pillow

tonight, praying in a variety of languages, burning cleansing incense, ingesting

calming herbal teas, spinning around counter-clockwise under the light of the

moon, casting a spell or two, having a chat with a variety of deceased

and politically sane (I'm talking to YOU Cole!) loved ones, asking for some

assistance from the Divine - and I'm talking angels, Mother Mary, Jesus,

the Buddha, Muhammed, Confucius, the Notorious RBG, Eleanor Roosevelt, et al,

...and will be calling upon any liberal-leaning and loving power that may help us

tomorrow. xo

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