He-Man isn't coming to save us. VOTE!!!!

Hello my long-suffering and exhausted compatriots. I'm reaching out this evening

to say one thing:

I miss laughing!

Ok that's a lie, I want to say two things.

The second being: The company hosting this website has changed its blog format and,

predictably, most things are not as easy as before. But of course! So I can't get my text

to center/align with the images. And vice versa. But, whatever.

We have more to concern us at the moment than my unruly blog layouts.


Ok the good news is...the election is almost here. At last!

The bad news is that if we don't get a new commander-in-chief, many of us are going to be

trying to book flights out of here. (And now more bad news: No other countries really want

us!) But that doesn't mean we can't still pack a carry-on bag, just in case. Or look into

purchasing property in a heavily wooded portion of the US. Who am I kidding, it's probably

all been scarfed up by now! Oh how I wish I would have bought that piece of land in central

Maine after I sold my house a few years ago...at the time it looked unappetizingly desolate.

2017 SANDI

What would I do on a desolate piece of land in the middle of nowhere?

2020 SANDI

Oh my God, if only I had a piece of desolate land in the middle of nowhere!

Have you been laughing much as of late? I mean besides while watching witty late night

political commentary by Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, et al? I thought not.

Me either.

Recently I received this text from a friend:


I miss your laugh.


I miss it too!

My sense of humor has bolstered me through most of my life's disappointments and

tragedies.But I must admit, this political buffoonery, combined with the deadly virus

circulating amongst us –– combined with other recent uncontrollable events in my life that

have left me starting over at ground zero –– has left me feeling uncharacteristically short

in the humor department.

But I'm grabbing life by the you-know-whats and turning this around. Because, well,

I'm tired of life zooming by while we are all sucked into the vortex of disbelief and

craziness. Covered by a gray cloud of doom.

And so countrywomen (and men) I beseech you: this is not the time for us to fall apart

and watch the ashes of our formerly fully functional senses of humor smolder.

(No insensitivity to our country's forest fire victims intended.) This is the time to join

together...to hoist humor up onto a marble pedestal. Because right now, politicians are

not going to save us. Those people "out there"...the ones who are always the "they" in

"they said"...you know them, right? Well they are not going to save us. Our ministers and

psychologists and gurus and antidepressants and vitamin supplements and kale?

Nope. Not going to save us.

You know what is going to save us? WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO SAVE US.

Our tenacity, our common sense, our courage, our love, our optimism, our perseverance,

our good hearts, our sense of fairness, our love for our mother earth, our oneness, and

our unwavering propensity toward rebellion.

And our sense of lightheartedness. Our laughter. Our humor.

Yup. That's what we have to call upon.

He-Man isn't saving us. Either is She-Ra. (As much as it's so time for that to happen!)

Meanwhile, the goddess of laughter is alive and well in my heart.

So she is my go-to savior. And I bow down at her feet in gratitude for her healing powers.

Now please excuse me while I peruse some more video clips from The Daily Show

and their correspondents.

I am storing up my endorphins in preparation for Tuesday.

I hope all of you are doing your best to love yourselves, stay healthy and safe...and at least

relatively sane.

One last thing: If you're voting for Joe Biden...get out there and VOTE. Please.

If you're not voting for Joe Biden...you have my permission to stay home.

Thank you for your attention.

With love and heartfelt hopes that our democracy remains intact...

Sandi xo

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