Till Death Do Us Not Part. (Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!)

Smile! It's your wedding day! (I could never have married a man who wouldn't have thought this a fantastic gift of love.)

Today would have been my wedding anniversary. Mine. Ours. We would have been married thirty-two years.

I'm not sure with what ones' 32nd anniversary is supposed to be traditionally celebrated...a pair of brass swans? a plaster replica of the wedding cake? Happily, tradition is now left on the doorstep since we only technically made it to our fourteenth wedding anniversary, and I'm celebrating our love with whatever I deem *&%$#! apropos.

Probably something involving chocolate, butter, tequila, and/or tacos. But a pot of a celebratory nuptial stew

is sounding good at this moment as well, given the drop in temps here in my top-secret location in the greater NY

metropolitan area. ;)

As many of you who have lost a spouse may know, anniversaries aren't always a reason to want to whip our your

party streamers and confetti. But the longer I'm widowed, and the more people I see searching and searching

and waiting for the arrival of their human bluebird of happiness (and blissful partnership and perhaps betrothal), the more fortunate I feel for having ever experience the "I want to marry this person" kind of love. And the more I feel

grateful for the daily opportunity to celebrate our love. And our marriage. And our soulful, soulmate brand of weirdness.

Not just any weirdness, like when you discover that you both liked to eat Cheetos while watching reruns of SNL. No...this was a deeply amazing shared weirdness. Like, for instance, that my husband could have gifted me with

the diminutive "dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) shadowbox shown above, featuring a creepy corpse/skeleton wedding couple. And that I was thrilled. Truly. Thrilled.

At the time Drew gave these to me, he was 100% alive. He'd procured them for me while on a freelance film or commercial shoot in Mexico. Not that many years later, he wasn't. Alive.

And I love these now "vintage" bits of Mexican folk art more than ever. And I appreciate them, and him, and our perfectly imperfect love and sometimes crazy and chaotic life more than ever. These reminders of our love and shared lighthearted view of life travel with me everywhere. Even when I'm just in a "temporary" home, like I am right now.

This little deceased couple? On their wedding day? Out of my small vintage suitcase they come and onto the

bureau-du-jour they go. And my memories of a man who always knew how to make me smile, laugh, and take life just a tad

less seriously (in the event that I was taking it a bit more seriously than required!) flood back in the most

amazing way. As if he is still here beside me. (And I absolutely know he is.)

Such unbelievably precious weirdness with which to be blessed.

In spite of what some may view as extreme misfortune, I'm one lucky woman.

May you appreciate all of the wondrousness and weirdness in your life. May you cherish your husband,

wife, lover, partner...wherever they are. And hold onto that love...it can give you sustenance, smiles and

strength for all eternity.

Sending much love and wondrous weirdness to all ~


VINTAGE LOVERS ALERT: The vintage wedding couples below along with other nuptial cake toppers and wedding related treasures will be for sale in my virtual "Meat and Romance" Shop on Etsy...some are there already! Check them out or alert your loved ones if they're in the market for romance... xo

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