WOOOO HOOOO! How are YOU celebrating today?

First of all –– if your response to the title of my post is "Celebrating? What is there

to celebrate?!" –– then you are probably not in the right place. And I respectfully

suggest you read someone else's blog. Someone who is also not celebrating the

ousting of our current president.

For the rest of you –– we made it to the other side!!! Well, at least to the other side of the

election. Not to the other side of this "debacle of a president's" term in office, but right now

we deserve to focus on TODAY, and the present moment. And celebrate our behinds off!

So how have you been celebrating? What are you up to?

Champagne? A bubble bath? A hike in the woods or walk on the beach? Saying prayers

of gratitude that this is nearly over? Laughing with your family? Cooking up a luscious

meal or two? Baking a cake? Hot SS (Sunday sex) all day? Dancing naked whilst

listening to a playlist of appropriate songs for this auspicious occasion?

Note: I was going to insert a fantastically apropos 90s song, like Goodbye to You

by the incomparable Joan Jett. But this kids' video sidelined me and I had to share.

(At least indulge in the first bits...it cracks me up. And we need to laugh again!!)

Last night was kind of a bummer for me...because even though I was ecstatic and

weeping tears of joy, I was in an environment that fostered neither my longing for

luscious and noisy celebrating – nor my exuberant emotionality. I'm currently at my

mother's house, in a NJ suburb. And although NJ overall voted for Biden, who knows

how many neighbors were actually pleased with yesterday's amazing news. My gut feeling was that there was not a lot of pot- banging going on in the center of town.

I wanted to light off a bomb of sparklers in honor of my son Cole. Cole transitioned

(to the other side – not from male to female – although who knows what he's been up

to since his departure!) six months before the 2016 election. And never in his wildest

and most creative dreams would he have imagined Trump winning the presidential

election that November. I SO wish he were here for this day! To see our democracy

in action and to witness this spectacle.

As well as being well aware of Trump's idiocy early on, Cole was also a "sparkler-bomb"

engineering genius.

So last night I watched news footage and listened to stuff on YouTube – videos containing

the jubilant sounds of people clanging pots with cooking implements and screaming out

of pure relief and happiness – and dancing in the streets in places Brooklyn and Manhattan

and Seattle and Portland and Philly and D.C. – and my heart longed to be with them.

Because they are all MY TRIBE. Those dancing, yelling, singing, jubilant people!

I felt like a caged animal, with so much out-loud-celebrating and amazing energy

just waiting to be released from my body into the universe!

I had a plan in my head to get up at 3 a.m. and get the three boxes of sparklers

(which just happened to be on the front passenger seat of my car, because I have been

waiting for a reason to use them!) and construct a sparkler bomb that would make my son

proud. And light it in my mother's suburban driveway. Then I imagined said mother

(love you, Louise!) being rudely awakened by the sound of fire engine sirens because the

sparklers had set some leaves on fires. Or possibly the sound of police sirens, because

a disgruntled pro-Trump neighbor didn't want me having any fun.

I never did get up at 3 a.m. (except possibly to pee). And when I woke up this morning,

I felt as if I'd missed out on one of the biggest celebratory events of my lifetime. This was,

as more than one person has noted, "Like the END of a World War."

Hallelujah!!!! And Amen.

And so, even though I feel as if I missed out on some major fun last night, I'm making up

for it today by indulging in a chocolate cone from my favorite local home-made ice cream

place. And tonight? Well, those sparklers are calling. Loudly.

All of this is to say I sincerely hope you are enjoying this gorgeous day and indulging.

I believe we all need at least a day or two of shameless celebrating and to bathe in this

delicious feeling of justice and the return of HOPE. Human-ness. And possibility.

And the biggest thing of all to celebrate?



Time to pull his plug. :)


PS - And to any Trump supporters reading this who are actually good-hearted people who

got sucked in by his narcissistic-personality-disorder-related charms, empty promises,

and assorted other BS...I can only imagine this might be how you're feeling right now.

I'm so sorry. Narcissists care about no one but themselves. They have no empathy.

But damn, can they be charming. That's what makes them so dangerous.

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