When you require discrete help finding the perfect words...shhhhh.

Do you fantasize about finding a secret helper? Someone who’s part Fairy Godmother, part Confidante…and derives a disturbing amount of pleasure in what can sometimes be the pain

of finding the perfect words? Someone who would listen to your thoughts, ideas and feelings ––or life story, if need be –– then wave her magic pen and help turn them into a collection of words that you’d feel proud to claim as your own? Or perhaps you already have of a draft of something, and need a sprinkling of magic to polish it up?

I CAN HELP YOU craft the following:

Creative Cover Letters that are memorable and convey your sparkling personality, 

to offset what is generally a rather dry and non-sparkling, but no doubt impressive, resume.


Break-Up Letters or Speaking Scripts that are satisfyingly honest yet sensitively worded. (Whether you’re exiting a job or a relationship, It’s long overdue, and you know it!)


Dating Profiles that are substantive-yet-saucy, so you will finally have zero excuses not to get on that site you’ve been wanting to join and find love. (See break-up tome service, above).


Love Letters that consist of words on paper. Handwritten. If you want to get really crazy,

a weighty cotton-linen blend imported European paper with a watermark (swoon!) and

a beautifully lined envelope with a stamp may even be involved. (Because a textual transmission or email is not exactly a valiant effort. Sorry, gentlemen. And ladies.)


Wedding Vows that express all of the love, joy, hopes and dreams in your heart. Without sounding like an ultra-cheesy and potentially nausea-inducing greeting card. 


Speeches and Toasts that won’t be embarrassing to look upon when viewing that wedding or birthday celebration video a few years down the road. (Disclaimer: I cannot be responsible for final results should alcoholic beverages be consumed prior to your delivery of said speech or toast.)


Loving Tributes to loved ones who have “moved on.” Permanently. Because I know from all-too-painfully-personal experience that it’s nearly impossible to gather the words for an epitaph, eulogy or obituary when your heart is broken, and to see (much less write!) when your eyes are all puffy from crying and you have tissue lint stuck to your eyelashes.)

I am happy to offer you a complementary call (up to fifteen minutes, darling, because I obviously have other very important things to do, including tending to my elderly felines), and will provide a quote after we're crystal clear on your needs and how I can best help fulfill your fantasies of that heartfelt and perfectly penned avalanche – or brief snowfall –of words. 

Please contact me to set up a time to chat. xo

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